What is a Cornerstone Community Group?

Cornerstone Community Groups exist to provide an environment for disciples or apprentices of Jesus to know and follow Jesus together while, at the same time, inviting others in to experience the welcoming love of Jesus in both word and deed! In other words, Community Groups exist for us to connect with God (Word & Prayer), connect with one another (Fellowship), and connect with others in our community (Hospitality & Serving).

Cornerstone Community Groups are the hub of community-based hospitality within our church. They are the primary means by which we invite those from the community into relationship and life with Jesus and with us! Typical community groups will be 10-20 adults + children and are comprised of those who ideally live within a general proximity of the community group host home.

Why should you come?
In a fast-paced, over-hurried world, it is easy to feel alone. Groups are a place for you to know and be known – a place for you to belong, contribute, develop close friendships, and participate in the mission of God. Who doesn’t want that?

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You can also email Pastor Gary at gary@cornerstonechurch.church.

What is a Cornerstone D-Group?

Small groups of adults of the same gender from within a community group who meet to study the Bible, to deepen relationships, and to grow spiritually. The aim of D-Groups is to re-organize our lives around the 3 goals of a disciple or apprentice of Jesus Christ:

  • Be with Jesus

  • Become like Jesus

  • Do what Jesus did

Deep discipleship and transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. Rather, deep growth occurs in the soil of trusting relationships, where we can be known and loved, challenged and encouraged.

This is the purpose of a D-Group. A D-Group is small group of people—men with men, women with women—who are committed to helping one another live out their discipleship to Jesus and be intentional about their spiritual formation. Scripture teaches that we need trusted friends — like a D-Group — who will exhort us to practice the way of Jesus, spur us on, and push us to daily pursue holiness (1 Tim. 4:8; Heb. 3:12-14; 10:24; James 1:22; Prov. 27:17). We need people in our lives who will help us own our need for growth, hold us accountable, and help us take responsibility for ourselves.

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