our mission

We exist to Enjoy Jesus and Make Disciples

Our Values

We Point to Jesus in Everything

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the power for all that we do at Cornerstone Church. Jesus and his gospel shape every aspect of our mission. And the gospel of Jesus Christ alone provides the basis for our unity. Therefore, in all that we do, we seek to remove distractions that would hinder us from seeing and savoring Jesus and his gospel. Our goal is make the gospel as clear and as compelling as possible as we always put the spotlight on Jesus rather than ourselves.

We Pursue All People

In the parable of the lost sheep, Jesus said there would be more rejoicing over one sinner who repented than of the 99 who were already in the fold. Because he prioritized those outside the fold in his ministry, we prioritize them in ours, constantly asking what we can do to pursue more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We Live as the Family of God

The church is not like a family, it is a family from every tribe, tongue, and nation. And as the family of God we enjoy Jesus together, we multiply disciples, we practice the “one another” commands, we grow in the gospel, we submit to God’s Word, we love with a Jesus-like love, we devote ourselves to prayer, we grow deep in relationship, we gather large and small, we practice outrageous generosity, and we witness in both word and deed.

We Send Every Member

Calling is not a special experience for a sacred few. It is a basic element of the Christian life. When believers accept Jesus, they accept His call to join Him in His mission. The question, then, is not if our people are sent on mission, but only where and how. The bottom line is, if the church isn’t sending, its ending.

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